Cary began teaching in 2014 having received her certification from her teachers, Barrie Risman and Mona Keddy, co-founders of Shri Yoga in Montreal where she taught until 2018. Since then, Cary teaches from a studio in her neighbourhood. Forever the student, Cary continues to study under her two teachers whose foundational asana teachings are based largely in the Iyengar tradition, deepening her understanding of the yoga tradition so that she might impart her learnings to her students.

Cary teaches alignment based Hatha yoga in a light-hearted, unpretentious way inspiring her students to discover what it means to do and be ‘yoga’: a path toward self-discovery and growth. Cary’s classes are enlightening and rejuvenating mixed in with the right amount of sensitivity, compassion and a touch of humour. She encourages her students toward poses that some would consider impossible to achieve while still remaining within the boundaries of safety and ease.  Offering variations and alternatives to all the poses, Cary’s classes are accessible to all ages and levels.

Cary is an accomplished actor having received her completion certificate at Ecole Internationale Jacques Lecoq in Paris in 1988. She holds a BA in English Literature from Bishop’s University. She continues to attend yoga workshops, studying different lineages and fine tuning her own practice. Cary teaches in-person, including Chair yoga, online classes and offers Private sessions as well.